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A Potter’s Wheel

Pigeon Toe

Pigeon Toe Ceramics
Portland, Oregon

Founded in 2009, the Pigeon Toe ceramic studio seeks a very simple mission: to provide mankind with everyday beauty. Products from this collection are highly curated and refined, each piece is culled from skilled hands, trained minds and inspired hearts.

Located in the heart of charming Industrial North Portland, Pigeon Toe collection features artisan objects that transcend trends, each piece is an attempt to redefine a new age of homegrown, grassroots aesthetics. The designs are naturally imperfect, casually irreverent and playfully charming. Each piece is treasured. Beautiful. Authentically hand-crafted. The result? Objects with a story.

Owner and designer Lisa Jones’ aversion to fast-paced and mass-produced goods, led to the formation Pigeon Toe with a vision to design uniquely beautiful objects that incorporate a touch of history in every piece. The sort of history that can be valued, but not bought. Treasured, but not replicated.

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