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Fashion United on the Permanence of Pop-Ups!

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This past week we had the pleasure of having Jackie Mallon from Fashion United in our Nolita pop-up store to talk about the current state of retailing and American made fashion. Check out our interview and read more about our business, ethical sourcing, and how pop-ups have changed the retailing environment.Here’s a little excerpt from the article:

“In a pop-up space how do you create the ‘experiential factor’ so important to today’s shopper?

Vu: Our pop-up is a collaborative space with interesting furniture, art on the walls, it feels like a real downtown New York boutique; it’s an Instagrammable space. In high cost trading areas like New York, you have to be creative, and customers, especially out-of-towners, really want a taste of that New York vibe.

Koumbis: Also Millennials come to us because they like that we’re structured into the city’s various fashion programs (Both Mai and Dimitri met as members of a school’s design and merchandising faculty and continue to teach on several programs) To that customer we have industry credibility. We’re not a random T-shirt brand on Kickstarter. Our diverse backgrounds show in our retailing and appeal to the collaborative nature of Millennials.”

Read the full article here. 

Jackie Mallon is the author of  “Silk for the Feed Dogs” and a regular contributor to She is also an illustrator and educator in NYC.


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