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Interview: wrk-shp

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Here’s a little interview we did with Airi Isoda of Los Angeles based brand wrk-shp.

What is the meaning of your brand wrk-shp? And why no vowels? Are you against vowels?

wrk-shp came from our dream of one day having a space to “work” and “shop”. We would have our architecture office and a storefront area selling our clothing & home products all in one building. The no vowels concept just stemmed from the idea of simplicity, and we named our unisex clothing line wrk-shp+oo (wrk-shp too).

You have a background in architecture and from there went into fashion. How has this influenced your current work? What are some similarities and differences in approaching design from these disciplines?

With both architecture and clothing design – it’s always a balance of creating something artful and useful at the same time. Both of these disciplines involve thinking about the fun finishes and textures (or materials & fabrics) and how these elements are built together (or stitched together) in order to function as a space (or be worn) comfortably. The biggest difference is the business aspects – too complicated to get into here, but clothing can be seasonal and cyclical vs. architecture tends to be client based, and some projects go on for years!

What’s your favorite thing about working in fashion?

Meeting people (this sounds a bit trite, but it’s true)!

What’s the worst part about working in fashion? Be honest, we can take it.

The disposable culture of fashion is the worst – clothing needs to be valued higher, be worn for a long time and mended as needed.

Best advice you can give to anyone interested in starting their own fashion brand?

There is a Japanese proverb that my mom told me that roughly translate to: “sit on a rock for 3 years” — which means even a rock (which is cold by nature) will become warm after you sit on it for long time. Be patient and be persistent.

Click here to learn more about the designer and to view the collection. 

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