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Made in North Carolina

K-Apostrophe is a homegoods brand founded by K’era Morgan in 2017. K’era is a Los Angeles-based mixed media artist who currently has a penchant for small works on paper and a long term love affair with textile traditions from around the world.

Having previously launched a photographic derived textile company with a fellow designer, K’era desired to return to the art of creating by hand without the aid of digital and hi-tech tools. Her current mixed media work is heavily influenced by tribal/global textile surface design, mark making and the craft of quilt-making. In fact, she considers the act of ‘’piecing together’’ her collaged paintings that include found paper sourced from magazines, newspapers and books as well hand-painted paper, much like the process of quilting together a story.

In addition to her collage work, K’era collaborates with one of the few remaining American mills to transform her multi-media pieces into colorful woven throw blankets made of 100% hand-dyed cotton for home interiors. Cosy, casual and comfortable, the woven throws are an extension of K’era’s affinity for quilts and functional art made for everyday use and enjoyment.

K’era graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in textile design, though she spent a great deal of her professional career in public relations until recently returning to her artistic calling. When in the act of creating, time stands still for K’era. There is no past, there is no future but just the present. Her work is a reflection of her mood, with color and brushstrokes and mark-making heavily representing the essence of a feeling, emotion or thought in the exact moment.