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Pearl and Ivy Studio

Made in Concord, California.​
After earning a degree in Fashion Merchandising, ​designer Robyn Parrish​ spent many long (boring) years working in office administration until the advent of online marketplaces allowed her to fulfill her creative dreams, and she began designing and selling jewelry in 2010, then took her business full-time in 2012.​ For Robyn, the creative process usually begins with a color palette in mind​.​ ​T​hen she plays​ with​ the various components in her arsenal to arrange them in on-trend designs that are both artistic and wearable.  She personally enamels each brass component and hand cuts many of them as well, so you can be sure each piece is exclusive to Pearl and Ivy’s collection.​ 
With every design, Robyn strives to ​create ​jewelry that is truly unique and accessible. From her home studio in the Bay Area, each piece she offers is sourced, designed and crafted by her to ensure consistency and quality. Her number one goal is to make people feel special when they wear a piece she’s created.​ ​Robyn has been drawn to jewelry and fashion for as long as she can remember and is delighted to have found a career that allows her to play with these passions every day.
Pearl and Ivy Studio