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De Signature Life Boatall Pink Earring


Think of a colorful boat that reflects different colors based on the time of the day. This earring comes with a sterling silver plated hook is hypoallergenic and good on all skin types.

  • Sold individually to encourage mix and match
  • Size: 2 1/4″ H x 1 1/2″ W
  • Handmade from acrylic pieces
  • Sterling silver 925 hook with ball end
  • Made in US (San Francisco, CA)

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Made in San Francisco, California.

De Signature Life is a modern, colorful, and unique jewelry line that embraces empowerment through self-expression and community engagement. The brand was founded in 2017 by Pari Rahman who grew up in Iran and has lived in England, Italy, and the United States. The designer completed her Masters in Interior Architecture and is proficient in interior design and sculpture. She creates jewelry pieces that serve as storytellers and communicate evocative points of views.

All the pieces are sold individually to encourage you to mix and match your own colors and shapes to tell your own unique story. This pioneering approach encourages individuals’ unique style that distinguishes the self from others. Every collection is inspired by a deep love of multiple art movements and colors apparent across cultures and geometric forms. Pieces are made of hypoallergenic sterling silver plated studs/hooks and colorful acrylics. De Signature Life hopes that each unique colorful expression will bring us closer together.