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Luz Ortiz Pearl Majaori Earrings Silver


Simple and subtle, floating pearl earrings in 18K gold plated sterling silver.  Wear two ways, pearl up or down.

  • Sterling Silver
  • Mother of Pearl
  • 1” inch
  • Handcrafted in New York City

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Made in New York, New York.

Based in New York City, jewelry designer Luz Ortiz creates boldly sensitive structures, each instilled with an exquisite balance of organic geometries. Drawing inspiration from her upbringing in the tropics of the Caribbean, along with the influence of architectural, modern art and industrial elements; Ortiz unearths beauty in the considered manipulation of form and proportion, implementing only the highest quality of precious metals and natural stones. With a focus on function, each handcrafted design presents an ageless elegance, eternally captivating beyond place or time.