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Social Responsiblity

Bishop Collective Social Responsibility

Bishop Collective is a culmination of our shared awareness, commitment to change and the work of countless people who inspire us to do the right thing. We are part of this great community that includes industry professionals, academics and consumers, who continuously inform our everyday business decisions. Our basic function is an online retailer, but it’s the relationship we have with our vendors, our customers and our community, that truly form our business model. Operating a business based on sustainability can be complicated, so we constantly remain focused on our mission to support domestic manufacturing, cultivate an ethical supply chain and promote great designers and their craft.

For us, sustainability is more than recycling or buying local, it is about looking at all shareholders within the system and in this case, the supply chain, to ensure they are making  decisions that will positively effect each other today and in the future. Fashion is not inherently ethical, but it can be and to do so it has to start with our human capital. With every decision we make, we think about the short term and long-term impacts on our consumers, designers and makers. Sustainable fashion may be a fad for some, but it is the core of what Bishop Collective is founded upon. Sustainable fashion has gained tremendous momentum thanks to community efforts through social media. Because of this, designers and companies must become transparent to remain competitive.