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Welcome from the Founders

Hello friends! Welcome to the Bishop Collective blog where we’ll be keeping you posted on our latest news, designer features and interesting stories on the people and places that are redefining American made. As you know, we’re all about doing things right here at Bishop Collective and we thought we’d give you an insiders guide on how that’s all happening.

We launched our website about nine months ago and since then have come across the most incredible and hard-working people that like us, know there’s a different way. Their story is our story and with each post we we hope to make you a part of the story as well.

There are many ways in which we can be defined. Some say that we’re eco, others say that we’re ethical but in the end we just want to be honest and aware, and to make the things that we bring to you and how they are made as transparent as possible. Follow us, tell your friends, check your labels.

We apologize in advance for the grammatical and spelling errors that are bound to occur, but we promise to bring you only the best and most honest stories we have.


Team Bishop Collective

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