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My lazy-girl tips for garment care

I like to consider myself a Type-A and tend to be super clean and organized. But living in NYC without a washer/dryer for 18 years and having to schlep all my clothes to the laundromat has really forced me to come up with some clever ways to keep it to a minimum. So here are some of my “lazy-girl” tips for keeping clothes fresh and saving some time and money while also lessening your environmental impact.

1. AIR OUT – I can’t recommend this enough. I only wash my clothes after 3-4 wears (secretly sometimes more) so in between I hang them to air out. It should be in an open space where they can really “breathe” and de-funk a bit. No piles or throwing them on a chair cause then it’s just sitting in it’s own funk and that’s no good. This is a really easy way to get rid of that city stink especially in the summers. I find that the top of the door frame or the shower are the easiest places to hang clothes. This has saved a lot of time and is also necessary since I don’t have a lot of clothes to wear in the first place.

2. AIR DRY – On a similar note… Air dry. This one is a no brainer. It will save on costs of having to dry and also preserve your clothes so they last longer. The drying machine does so much damage to your clothes. Again since space is an issue for me I don’t have a drying rack so I just use my door frame or shower to air dry.

3. FAKE IRON – I don’t iron. Like ever. I’m actually terrible at it so I have a spray bottle that I keep in my closet and when I need to look more presentable and get rid of some wrinkles, I just lay my clothes on my bed, spray them down a bit with water and pat out the wrinkles. This of course works really well with cottons but if you try hard enough will work with other materials as well. This has saved me a lot of time and unlike ironing doesn’t use any electricity. Double points!

4. HANDWASH – Handwashing. Yes I know… ugh!! Instead of dry-cleaning I opt to handwash most of my clothes that shouldn’t be machine washed. What’s the tip then?? A bin. Get a bin that will fit nicely into your kitchen sink and can store easily underneath. Mine is about 1-2 inches higher than the counter so it gives me more room to wash. But it’ll all depend on the size of your sink and how high the faucet is. No more bending awkwardly to wash in the tub or having to do small loads in your bathroom sink. I got my bin from an old workplace during a clean out so it’s technically recycled. Again, double points!

Hope you found these tips helpful!

x Mai

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