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Why we aren’t a “Sustainable” company

Bishop Collective Made in America

I often get asked if Bishop Collective is a sustainable fashion company and the answers is always… depends. Though our focus and concern has always been on ethical sourcing with every product we sell, I cannot say with certainty that we are “sustainable” because that can mean so many things to different people and I can’t be sure that what we do would meet everyone’s requirements. For some, sustainable means the use of organic materials, recycled materials, low impact production, zero waste pattern-making, fair-trade production,  locally sourced, and locally produced. The majority of our designers fit into one or more of these categories but not always all. One thing that is for certain is that all our products are produced in domestic factories that pay their workers fair, living wages and offer humane working conditions to their employees. And we don’t just ask, we personally verify that this is the case as often as we can. A greater part of our American made assortment is made with consciously sourced materials, recycled when possible, and also with low impact production methods. As we grow, we will continue to source better and better in the hopes that one day we can call ourselves sustainable and have it be meaningful to everyone.

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